Workshop | A lecture and workshop in Sweden at Steneby

Craft_Exploring Venice Craftsmanship

In a captivating session at Steneby, Samlingssalen, Nybygget, Sweden, Marta Gasparin (the project HEPHAESTUS coordinator) and Rasmus Johnsen from Copenhagen Business School, delivered an insightful lecture. The main focus of the lecture was the concept of craft as a practice of consolation, the presentation explored its profound role as a catalyst for ethical reflection and inner strength.

During the discourse, the speakers delved into how embracing the ethics of consolation goes beyond mere endurance; it serves as a gateway to discovering novel perspectives and ways of existing in the world. The emphasis was on active, creative re-engagement with our circumstances, rather than seeking solace through escapism. This approach was highlighted as a crucial tool for cultivating resilience and understanding in the face of life’s intricacies and challenges.

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But the engagement didn’t stop there! Following the lecture, a workshop unfolded where craft makers shared their knowledge and thoughts inspired by the discourse. Participants had the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the crafts as artisans explained their techniques, providing a hands-on understanding of the intricate world of craftsmanship.

This event served as a convergence of ideas, bridging the theoretical with the practical, and fostering a community where the ethos of craft and its transformative power were explored. We extend our appreciation to all involved for contributing to this enriching experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey of exploration, dialogue, and celebration of craftsmanship.