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Artist: Alberto Scodro

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Sculptor and installation artist

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Alberto Scodro’s story

Pioneering Sculpture and Installation Art through Experimentation and Innovation

Alberto Scodro is a sculptor and installation artist whose creative journey delves deep into the interaction between space and matter. His work often involves the extension and subtraction of forms within their environments, creating dynamic pieces that challenge contemporary cultural norms such as efficiency, rationalization, and instrumentalization. Alberto’s artistic exploration primarily features sculptures, installations, and drawings on paper, each designed to provoke semantic and visual short circuits.

For over a decade, Alberto has focused on the fusion of materials like silica, glass, metals, and oxides, particularly during his time living and working in Nove. This experimental approach underscores his relentless pursuit of finding relationships between different materials, words, titles, and the production process itself. His conceptual artistry is marked by an examination of these connections, leading to works that are both thought-provoking and visually arresting.

Alberto Scodro’s Sculptor and installation artist
Alberto Scodro’s Sculptor and installation artist

Alberto’s clientele includes a diverse array of collectors, art lovers, museums, private foundations, and non-profit associations. His evolution as an artist is deeply rooted in his daily life, since when he was very young various artisanal jobs like ranging from floor and ceramics factory, to archiving art, designing and creating objects, and installation art or design on spaces. This practical experience, coupled with his academic background in pictorial restoration and Visual Arts and Theatre from IUAV in Venice, has honed his ability to interpret space and utilize materials with a personal perspective.

With around 15 years in the art field, Alberto’s approach is defined by a keen focus on solving new problems and embracing fresh challenges. His work is characterized by constant experimentation rather than repetition, reflecting in the ever-changing landscape of universal creation. This philosophy not only enriches his work but also exemplifies his commitment to continuous innovation and discovery within the realms of sculpture and installation art.


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