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Horizon Europe project HEPHAESTUS ambassador

Artist: Heidi Bach Hentze

Heidi Hentze

Unique pieces of porcelain and stoneware with thin geometry.

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Pushing porcelain boundaries

Heidi Bach Hentze creates one-of-a-kind porcelain creations that epitomize sophistication and ingenuity. Her artistic journey is a dedication to pushing the boundaries of her craft.

At the core of Heidi’s artistic prowess lies her unique slab-building technique, which she meticulously developed over years of experimentation and refinement. With unparalleled precision, she makes delicate geometric objects and sculptures. Each piece bears the hallmark of her distinctive style and commitment to excellence.

While her work is exhibited in various galleries and museums under her full name, “Heidi Hentze,” she also crafts a limited batch of slipcasted tableware under the moniker “Bach.” These pieces, serve as cherished mementos for tourists and locals alike, available exclusively on picturesque island of Bornholm.


©Heidi Hentze
©Heidi Hentze
©Heidi Hentze
©Heidi Hentze

Heidi’s artistic journey extends far beyond the confines of her studio. Educated at the Royal Academy for Glass and Ceramics, she travels the globe, engaging with fellow ceramic artists and enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant network of creative minds. Her participation in international exhibitions and ceramic biennales across Europe not only showcases her talent but also enriches her artistic perspective, fuelling her passion for innovation.

Within the close-knit community of the Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm (ACAB), Heidi finds camaraderie and support among fellow artisans. Yet, she acknowledges the risk of isolation in the island’s remote setting, where the echo chamber effect can hinder creative growth. As she continues to thrive in her artistic endeavours, Heidi envisions a future where diverse craftspeople converge, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and inspiration.

For Heidi, ceramics transcend mere objects; they embody a profound connection between materiality and process.

Where to find her work?

You can find and buy this artist’s work in art galleries. Follow her Instagram to get the latest updates about her exhibitions.

You can also contact Heidi Bach Hentze via her