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Horizon Europe project HEPHAESTUS ambassador

Artist: Michela Bortolozzi

Michela Bortolozzi
Michela’s story

Crafting conscious connections
through artistry

Michela Bortolozzi is not just a craft maker and artist; she’s a passionate advocate for conscious travel and cultural preservation. Through her artistic and handcrafted creations, she raises awareness about the importance of traveling with sensitivity towards local populations and traditions.

For Michela, each new creation is a canvas for ideas, values, and messages. Starting with a concept, she meticulously selects the finest materials – from upcycled wood to natural wax and brass – and employs techniques that best convey her vision. With every stroke and every stitch, she breathes life into something entirely unique.

At the heart of Michela’s practice lies her laboratory – a space where creativity knows no bounds. Here, she not only crafts her products but also hosts workshops for both locals and travellers, fostering community and cultural exchange.

But Michela’s impact extends beyond the confines of her workshop. Inside the female detention home in Venice’s Giudecca, she opens a second workshop, offering ex-inmates a path to professional reintegration through art and craft. Here, art becomes a catalyst for healing and empowerment, transforming lives and rebuilding communities.

©Michela Bortolozzi
©Michela Bortolozzi
©Michela Bortolozzi

Though rooted in her Venetian heritage, Michela’s spirit knows no borders. Having lived in Morocco and Palestine, she understands the interconnectedness of these places – their fragility, their traditions at risk of fading away. Collaborating with local artisans, she breathes new life into age-old techniques, preserving heritage and igniting stories that might otherwise be lost to time.

Michela’s perspective on Venice is as nuanced as the city itself. Amidst the wave of mass tourism and consumerism, she sees a city at risk of losing its soul. Yet, she remains optimistic, believing in the power of tradition and environmental stewardship to safeguard Venice’s fragile beauty for generations to come.

Her passion for collaboration knows no bounds. Always eager to explore new techniques and materials, Michela seeks out opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. Whether forging connections between Venice and distant lands or spreading valuable messages through her creations, she’s a true ambassador of art and sustainability.

Michela Bortolozzi is more than an artist; she’s a changemaker, a beacon of hope in a world hungry for meaning and connection. Through her art, she invites us to see the world through compassionate eyes – to cherish tradition, to tread lightly on this fragile earth, and to embrace the beauty of diversity in all its forms.

Here are some of the artist’s latest creations

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