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Artist: Nynne Rosenkrantz


One-of-a-kind Ceramic works of art with Macro Crystal Glazes Nexø, Bornholm, Denmark

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Macro-crystalline glazes, an enchanting form of ceramic art. It is a timeless form of art that bridges tradition with modernity, captivating contemporary ceramic artists, and enthusiasts alike.

Video about Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen

This video story about artist Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen was filmed in 2017 by Kultur reportagen / TV 2 Bornholm, Denmark. During this reportage, the artists provides her insights, ideas, techniques and other details and aspects of her artistic work. If you understand Danish, you can enjoy the story as well as the atmosphere and glimpse into her work and creations.

Nynne’s story

Crafting dreams: the captivating journey of Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen

Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen, a creative force of nature, delves into the world of ceramics with a burning passion that is simply unquenchable. Her artistry is a symphony of colours and textures, a dazzling dance of crystal glazes on stoneware and porcelain canvases.

With a background as diverse as her talents, Nynne’s journey is a thrilling tapestry of experiences. She’s a virtuoso in Macro Crystal Glazes, coaxing magic from the flames as the crystals form in the fiery kiln. Her ceramic pieces become vessels for this enchanting alchemy, an interplay of clay, glaze, and her artistic vision.

Born into an artistic environment in Copenhagen, she was raised amidst a kaleidoscope of creative influences. Her fingers naturally found the piano keys, weaving musical notes into compositions, and her words flowed like poetry. She learned the art of storytelling as an actor, trained at William Esper’s studio in the bustling heart of NYC. She also graced the runways of Europe and New York as a fashion model and wielded a camera as a freelance photographer. For two decades, she painted her emotions onto canvases, her work a testament to her ever-evolving creative spirit.

Nynne Rosenkrantz
Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen

In 2007, life led her back to her homeland, Denmark, where she nurtured her dream and found her path on the picturesque island of Bornholm. Here, amidst the tight-knit artisans’ community, Nynne embraced ceramics with open arms, completing her education at the Royal Danish Academy.

Bornholm’s artisans, bound by the ACAB (Arts and Craft Association Bornholm), are like family, sharing their skills and wisdom. They conjure artistry, organise events, workshops, exhibitions, and collaborate on innovative projects. It’s a community of creativity and camaraderie.

The island itself, renowned as “World Craft Island,” is a stunning muse, inspiring Nynne’s work with its breathtaking beauty. Life here is intense yet serene, a symphony of inspiration amid the tranquil landscape. Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen has found her creative home, where her artistic journey continues to weave its enchanting tapestry, inviting us all to share in the magic she feels with every piece she creates.

Here are some of the artist’s latest creations

Where to find her work?

You can find and buy this artist’s work in art galleries. Follow her Instagram to get the latest updates about her exhibitions.

You can also contact Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen via her 

The symbol of the evolution of my artistic approach

This artwork holds immense significance in my journey as a ceramic artist, marking a pivotal moment after an extended period working in a ceramics factory. Having focused on producing flawless utilitarian ceramics for two years, I had nearly given up on my career. A lifeline emerged when I received an invitation for an exhibition on Bornholm.

During my time at the factory, I honed my skills in crafting perfect ceramic ware, but the rigid pursuit of perfection left me yearning for a change. The opportunity of my own exhibition allowed me to break free from the constraints of precision. With newfound confidence, I let the clay guide me, envisioning the glaze as both a companion and a contrast.

This piece, born from a departure from perfection, marked the beginning of my unique style. Now proudly part of the Bornholm Art Museum’s permanent collection, it symbolizes the evolution of my artistic approach.

N.Rosenkrantz Christiansen
© Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen