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Artist: Sara Jeffries

Sara Jeffries​

Unique pieces of stoneware.

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Crafting stoneware treasures:
Sara Jeffries of Bornholm

Nestled in the charming town of Nexø on Bornholm island, Denmark, Sara Jeffries stands as a luminary in the realm of stoneware artistry. Crafting unique pieces that seamlessly blend form and function, Sara’s creations are a celebration of functionalism with a distinctive touch that captivates both locals and tourists drawn to Bornholm’s artistic allure.

Educated at the prestigious Danish Royal Academy for Glass and Ceramics, Sara brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her craft. Her vision extends beyond mere creation; it’s a dynamic dance with the material itself. Working both with and against the stoneware, Sara breathes life into her pieces, each one echoing the meticulous balance of skill and intuition.

Sara Jeffries Ocean Blue dinner plate speckled bowl
©Sara Jeffries​
Sara Jeffries​
©Sara Jeffries​

Sara’s clientele is as diverse as the island’s landscape, attracting tourists who flock to Bornholm during the peak tourism season, as well as locals seeking to bring a piece of the island’s artistic essence into their homes. The functional allure of her stoneware pieces becomes a tangible link between art and everyday life.

As you delve into Sara’s collection, you embark on a visual journey through the unique interplay of form and material. Each piece, a testament to her commitment to understanding and mastering the nuances of stoneware. Sara Jeffries, the artisan of Bornholm, transforms clay into timeless treasures, leaving an indelible mark on those who appreciate the exquisite fusion of art and functionality.

Here are some of the artist’s latest creations

Where to find her work?

You can find and buy this artist’s work in art galleries. Follow her Instagram to get the latest updates about her exhibitions.

You can also contact Sara Jeffries via her