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Horizon Europe project HEPHAESTUS ambassador

Artist: Vanessa Milan

©Vanessa Milan

Artist and craft maker

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Vanessa story’s

Illustrations and art printmaking in the heat of Venice

Vanessa Milan is an artist and craft maker deeply ingrained in the Venetian ecosystem. Utilizing printmaking as her expressive medium, she has honed her skills in engraving and screen printing, approaching her craft with both instinct and experimentation. Her artistic exploration seamlessly intertwines with historical research, resulting in creations where the azure hues meld harmoniously with the delicate blush of hydrographic maps, illuminating the lagoon landscapes she holds dear.

Preferring the allure of imperfect graphics that unveil the essence of colour materiality, Milan embraces mistakes as invaluable companions, often guiding her towards innovative solutions. A significant portion of her artistic pursuit is dedicated to environmental sustainability, as she meticulously experiments with alternative materials to minimize ecological impact. Eschewing conventional paints and acids, she substitutes them with eco-friendly alternatives such as waxes and copper sulfate, while strictly adhering to water-based colours. Her penchant for experimentation extends to natural materials, often yielding one-of-a-kind pieces that defy traditional printing norms.

Vanessa Milan
Vanessa Milan

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Milan devotes herself to collaborative engagements within her local community. Through partnerships with nearby associations, she lends her expertise to support various events and initiatives. Her studio serves not only as a creative hub but also as a platform for diverse linguistic and cultural exchanges, fostering collaborations that enrich her artistic journey. She has extended her passion for art beyond conventional boundaries, engaging with diverse groups including those within the Department of Mental Health, schools catering to dropout students, and rehabilitation programs within correctional facilities.

Milan’s deep-rooted love for Venice permeates her work, and she views her continued residency and artistic engagement within the city as an act of resistance against the encroachment of mass tourism. Through her unwavering commitment to her craft and her community, she strives to carve out a space where alternative voices can flourish. With a vision of building networks with fellow craftsmen, she seeks to contribute her experience and knowledge to sustain the rich cultural tapestry of Venice for generations to come.

Here are some of the artist’s latest creations