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Artist: Alice Kettle

Alice Kettle

Willow weaving / basketry / woodwork

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Alice’s story

Harvesting joy: Alice Kettle's holistic craftsmanship and the resilient dance of artistry

Artist Alice Kettle created her work and teaches her craft in the serene surroundings of Dals Långed, Sweden. Alice is an adept willow weaver, basketry artisan, and woodworker whose creations transcend traditional boundaries, weaving not just tangible pieces but immersive spaces and sculptures that beckon interaction, fascination, and healing.

Alice’s craft goes beyond the mere act of weaving; it’s a profound exploration of co-existence and collaboration. Her willow creations serve as tangible expressions of interconnectedness, challenging conventional perspectives and offering a bridge between the human and non-human realms. Through teaching workshops, crafting commissioned sculptures, and engaging in residencies, Alice brings her art to life in site-specific locations, immersing the public in the organic beauty of her installations.

Meadow Time_Alice Kettle
Sun Egg No.3_Bodafors_Alice Kettle

Working predominantly with materials that she can grow and harvest, Alice embraces a holistic approach to her craft. Understanding the life cycle of her works becomes an integral part of the creative process, echoing her commitment to transparency and a profound connection to nature.

In the ecosystem of craft making and artistry, Alice describes her journey as rewarding, surprising, and joyous. The sense of community becomes a guiding force, weaving a supportive network that fuels her creative endeavors. Each willow strand and every basketry piece becomes a testament to the resilience of the artist, navigating the delicate dance between challenges and triumphs in the pursuit of art that resonates with the soul.

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You can contact Alice Kettle via her