Event | Business and culture: Opportunities and resources for innovative partnerships

Business and culture

On Monday, June 3, from 15:30 to 19:30, the Santa Caterina Museum’s (Coletti Room), Treviso, Italy, will host an event on the evolution of cultural philanthropy. Traditionally, businesses have supported cultural activities through financial donations or sponsorships, maintaining a clear separation between their core activities and the cultural projects they fund.

A new perspective emphasizes the strategic value of innovative partnerships between businesses and the cultural sector. Treviso’s candidacy for the Italian Capital of Culture highlighted this development approach. By transitioning from a purely philanthropic model to a partnership model, businesses can forge more authentic organizational identities, enhance workforce engagement, foster community connections, and demonstrate social responsibility.

European and national strategies, along with new public funding, support this shift. The event will also present EU projects aimed at building a territorial ecosystem that unites tourism, culture, and creative industries, showcasing the opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The presentations will be given by experiences professionals, including HEPHAESTUS team members – Prof. Fabrizio Panozzo (Ca’Foscari University of Venice) and project coordinator Marta Gasparin (Copenhagen Business School).

The presentations will be given in Italian language.

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