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Artist: Lova Öberg

Lova Öberg


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Lova’s story

Crafting inclusivity: Lova Öberg's artistic journey in woodworking

Meet Lova Öberg, an innovative woodworking artist based in the serene landscapes of Dals-Långed/Fengersfors, Sweden. With a deep connection to wood, Lova crafts custom-made pieces that seamlessly blend functionality and artistic expression.

Her woodworking expertise extends beyond the workshop, reaching into the community. Lova is not only an artist but a trailblazer, challenging gender norms in woodcraft. Through tailored woodcraft classes, she opens the door for non-binary, transgender individuals, and women, fostering a safe and inclusive space for the exploration of this timeless craft.

Lova’s clientele seeks the unique touch of custom furniture and the hallmark of top-tier craftsmanship. While her commitment to woodworking solidified in recent years, her passion extends beyond personal fulfillment. It’s about dismantling stereotypes and creating a welcoming space for all to delve into the artistry of working with wood.

© Lova Öberg
© Lova Öberg

Nestled within a supportive community, Lova’s artistic journey flourishes. Living in the countryside not only provides a nurturing environment but also practical advantages, including lower costs and the luxury of time – a combination that fuels endless opportunities for artistic development.

Explore Lova’s world, where each carve and contour is a testament to the ongoing evolution of woodworking. Here, the hum of machinery and the scent of freshly worked wood harmonize with a commitment to inclusivity and creative expression. Lova Öberg, the woodworking artist, is not just shaping wood; she’s shaping a future where creativity knows no bounds, and woodworking becomes a medium for breaking barriers and embracing diversity.

Here are some of the artist’s latest creations

Where to find her work?

You can find and buy this artist’s work in art galleries. Follow her Instagram to get the latest updates about her exhibitions.

You can also contact Lova Öberg via her