Meeting: future of craftmanship and international collaboration HEPHAESTUS

A meeting in Bassano explores future of craftsmanship and international collaboration

The recent meeting in Bassano del Grappa brought together around 20 participants, continuing the fruitful discussions initiated in Gothenburg and Dals Långed. The focus was on the future steps of the HEPHAESTUS project, particularly the narration of craftsmanship and craft-makers in Bassano, Venice and across Europe.

A recurring theme of the conversation, and a key element within the entire Hephaestus project and the recent symposium held in Gothenburg, was the involvement of crafters as a structural part of the methodology, from research design to data collection and analysis. During the event, the Venetian research team, after a brief recap of the research structure and the parts they undertook in the first year of the project, precisely pointed out how few of the insights regarding craft in the four ecosystems would have been possible with a research approach that maintained a greater distance from the crafters themselves. The event itself was an occasion to critically appraise and discuss some of the reflections emerging from the initial analysis with crafters and their representatives.

Other key topics included the authenticity of craft, intergenerational dialogue, and the implementation of local proposals with significant potential impact. The presence of the Municipality Councilor of Culture and our partner CNA Veneto Ovest enriched the discussions, especially on enhancing international collaboration among the Ambassadors.

One of the exciting proposals was the creation of a meeting place for craft-makers and artists in Bassano. This space aims to foster collaboration and innovation, blending heritage with modern techniques. The meeting also featured insights from D20 on the art-based research approach within Hephaestus and showcased their evocative video, “Atmospheres of Craft”. The event underscored the importance of heritage and innovation in the region and set the stage for future collaborative efforts.