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Report on establishment of the network of municipalities, heritage sites and museums participating at the Living Lab

The report describes the work done in the first six months of the Hephaestus project in order to establish a network participating at the Future Crafts Green Living Lab.

Visual Identity and Digital Experience of the Project

The Report describes the development of the project visual identity and website of the HEPHAESTUS project with the objective to guarantee an effective communication of the project messages and activities at Local, National and EU level.

A report on the perceived educational gaps among craft-makers

The goal of this deliverable is to identify and address educational gaps in craft-making skills across various ecosystems in Europe. By analyzing craft-makers’ needs in Italy, Denmark, and Sweden, the project aims to create a comprehensive framework for relevant craft skills and methods for skill acquisition. The findings will inform future efforts in Work Package 4, supporting the professional development of craft-makers through targeted education and tailored services.

Establishment of a network on craft

The aim of this deliverable is to detail the objectives, activities, and accomplishments of the HEPHAESTUS project team in developing and enhancing an arts and crafts ecosystem across Europe. It outlines the programmatic goals for creating a robust craft-based network and highlights the main outcomes achieved through collaboration with partners, stakeholders, and policymakers. The report showcases the formation of a genuine network for developing craft-based cultural ecosystems via territorial dissemination actions and extensive digital storytelling and web communication efforts.

Briefs for business transformation and policymaking

The deliverable’s purpose is twofold: on the one hand, to underscore flaws in official classifications and databases and outline guidelines for the project’s partners to constitute a robust database despite the limitations of official data sources; on the other hand, to propose a series of policy recommendations precisely addressing the flaws underscored during the data collection process.


Report for policymakers with strategies for sustainable craft ecosystem management and heritage preservation

This deliverable aims to outline the methodology developed within the Hephaestus project to enhance craft ecosystem management and heritage preservation in Europe through informed policymaking. It explores the historical evolution of craft, its relationship with other sectors, and the current state of craft policies in Europe. By identifying policy gaps and presenting insights from fieldwork activities, the report offers relevant themes for policy interventions. Additionally, it provides methodological guidelines to support historical analysis and participatory activities, aimed at developing effective policy interventions for the craft sector.

Creation and diffusion of craft histories

The goal of this deliverable is to illustrate the methodology developed by Ca’ Foscari University and shared with the HEPHAESTUS project partnership to create narratives about arts and crafts in Europe. Based on field research in Venice, Bassano del Grappa, Dals Långed, and Bornholm, the team is collecting photographs, videos, narratives, and creative materials to present the world of crafts in an innovative way. These “Craft Histories” will offer a unique perspective, allowing people to explore and appreciate the diverse aspects and resources of the craft ecosystems through the eyes of dedicated researchers.

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