Workshop | The workshop aimed to showcase the captivating D20 ArtLab work

The workshop to showcase D20 ArtLab videos

We’re thrilled to share the success of HEPHAESTUS recent workshop held on 30 September 2023, Venice, Italy. The workshop was hosted by Fablab Venezia in their space Tradizioni Future (Future Traditions) among the events of the Salone dell’Alto Artigianato Italiano. It was attended by Università Ca’​ Foscari di Venezia, the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”​, Goteborg University as well as craftmakers.

The workshop aimed to showcase the captivating D20 ArtLab video by the talented artist Raffaella Rivi and to engage with the talented craftmakers present, igniting a vibrant discussion to kickstart activities within the Venetian craft ecosystem.

The event sparked a lively debate surrounding the “Atmospheres of Craft” video, fostering interaction and collaboration with skilled artisans.

Thanks to all participants, in particular, Prof. Fabrizio Panozzo, Prof. Luca Pareschi, Prof. Elena Raviola, Silvia Cacciatore, Camilla Ferri, Manfredi de Bernard, Raffaella Rivi and Alberta Menegaldo.