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Artist: Linnea Dalstrand

Linnea Dalstrand

Textile artist

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Textile alchemy: Linnea Dalstrand's captivating world of installations and sculptures in Fengersfors, Sweden

Step into the captivating world of Linnea Dalstrand, a textile artist based in the idyllic town of Fengersfors, Sweden. In the realm of textile-based artistry, Linnea masterfully crafts spatial installations and sculptures, each a testament to her creative prowess. Her work, at times temporary and site-specific, weaves together inspiration drawn from design and art history, where monumental cavities and lavishly decorated surfaces intertwine with a subtle undertone of desperation and a search for more, all manifested in a palette of white colors and voids.

Linnea’s creations find their place in the world through art exhibitions and material-based art exhibitions, captivating audiences with the tactile beauty of her textile wonders. Her art is not just a visual feast; it’s a sensorial experience, a journey through the interplay of materials and techniques, driven by an unwavering love for the craft.

In the tapestry of Linnea’s artistic journey, the main audience includes those who appreciate the intricate dance between form and fabric showcased in art exhibitions. Her craft extends beyond the ordinary, inviting viewers to explore the depths of woven tales and dyed narratives.

Linnea Dalstrand - textile artist | HEPHAESTUS
Linnea Dalstrand - textile artist | HEPHAESTUS

To be a craft maker or artist in Dals Langed and Fengersfors ecosystem is to embrace a world of calm and quiet, where personal motivation takes the forefront. In this serene environment, the artist finds the space to breathe life into her creations. Collaboration with others becomes the key to transforming empty spaces into vibrant expressions of art, each stitch and fold a collaborative effort to build something new.

Linnea’s passion lies in the love for her chosen medium and the meticulous sewing techniques she employs. Her art is a dance between the properties of the material and the skillful manipulation of the fabric. Techniques such as weaving, dyeing, and draping become her language, allowing her to communicate stories through the warp and weft of textiles.

Step into Linnea Dalstrand’s world, where the stillness of Fengersfors becomes the backdrop for a symphony of textile artistry. Each piece tells a story, and in the quietude of her studio, Linnea continues to create, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, voids and overflowing creativity.

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Where to find her work?

You can find and buy this artist’s work in art galleries. Follow her Instagram to get the latest updates about her exhibitions.

You can also contact Linnea Dalstrand via her