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Artist: Valentina Stocco

©Valentina Stocco


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Valentina’s story

Clay, craft and connection: The artistry of Valentina Stocco in the Venetian ecosystem

In the heart of the Venetian ecosystem, amidst the tranquil beauty of the lagoon, lives Valentina Stocco, a ceramist whose hands possess a rare gift for shaping clay. Each day, her journey begins with a humble lump of clay, patiently awaiting its transformation into a work of art. With a steady hand and a heart brimming with reverence for her craft, Valentina coaxes the clay into graceful forms upon her potter’s wheel.

Guided by years of dedication and a deep love for her art, Valentina meticulously refines each piece, trimming away excess clay until every curve and contour sings with harmony. Handles, spouts, and lids are then crafted with meticulous care, seamlessly integrated into the whole, infusing each vessel with personality and character.

Once the structure is complete, Valentina turns her attention to glazing, carefully selecting from an array of colours and textures. With each stroke of the brush, the surface of her creations comes alive, shimmering with depth and dimension.

But it is within the fiery depths of the kiln that the true magic occurs. With bated breath, Valentina watches as her creations undergo their metamorphosis, emerging as ceramic, solidifying their form and sealing their fate.

For Valentina, her ceramics are more than just objects—they are vessels of beauty and meaning, each one a reflection of her passion and dedication to her craft. Whether it be a delicate teapot for quiet tea rituals or a striking sculpture that sparks introspection, every piece tells a story, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery.

©Valentina Stocco
©Valentina Stocco
©Valentina Stocco
©Valentina Stocco

In the delicate ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon, Valentina understands the profound responsibility she bears towards its preservation and sustenance. Through her artistic exploration, she seeks to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between humanity, natural resources, and the land itself, recognizing clay and craftsmanship as integral components of this delicate balance.

Valentina’s journey begins with a deep appreciation for the atmosphere of Venice and its surrounding lagoon, evoking cherished memories and a profound connection to the place she calls home. As she delves deeper into the exploration of wild clay, forging a direct connection to the land itself, she finds herself enriched by the earth beneath her feet.

Foraging wild clay is not merely a task of collection; it is a journey of geological discovery, an exploration of the land’s history, and an intimate engagement with its terrain. Through this process, Valentina deepens her understanding of and connection to her homeland, fostering a profound appreciation for its geological diversity and ecological intricacies.

As an ambassador to her craft and her environment, Valentina seeks to create deep and creative bonds with fellow artisans. She believes that craftsmanship is more than just skillful hands and keen eyes; it is a language of creativity and expression, capable of transcending barriers of language and culture.

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