Event | HEPHAESTUS at Folkemødet – one of the largest democratic events in Denmark

HEPHAESTUS at Folkemødet

Folkemødet is as one of the largest democratic events in Denmark. The aim of the Folkemødet is to create an atmosphere where meaningful dialogue between citizens and policy makers can be found to strengthen Danish democracy, foster mutual care and understanding, find solutions to societal challenges and draw inspiration from one another.

Folkemødet is a collaborative effort that involves political parties, organisations, associations and private companies. Everyone can contribute through engaging debates, presentations, cultural events, workshops and by the presence.

The event will be held from 13th to 15th of June in Bornholm, Denmark, that is also one of the project HEPHAESTUS craft ecosystems.

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HEPHAESTUS at Folkemødet

Thursday the 13th to Saturday the 15th at 9:00 – 17:00

Exhibition | PLASTIGMA

A breakthrough in our stigmatic view on plastic

Plastigma Pavilion and the artworks featured within were constructed using local plastic waste. This is a transformative platform that seeks to shift the public’s perception of plastic from negative connotations to a future oriented focus on responsible use. By promoting curiosity for deeper understanding of plastic’s capabilities and limitations, the pavilion encourages all of us to take responsibility of our own environmental impact.

The exhibition is in the outdoor lounge area.

Plastigma project began as a student-led initiative at the joint master’s program, Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship, offered by the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and the Royal Danish Academy. The project has since evolved, expanding its reach and impact through the partnership with the Horizon Europe project HEPHAESTUS.

The artists’ and the students’ commitment and wholehearted ownership of the project reflect genuine interest in driving meaningful change. Their unique approach to material and creation will serve as a wellspring of inspiration and kick-start engaging discussions.

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HEPHAESTUS at Folkemødet

Friday the 14th 17:30 – 18:00


Brave New World. Tales from a Craft Utopia.

The exhibition is centered around the question: What would the world look like if our present were built on artisanal foundations rather than being the full and now unsustainable, expression of industrial civilization?

The exhibition is indoor in Bornholmerhuset.


Friday the 14th 14:00 – 15:00

Panel debate

Innovation for a Sustainable Arts and Crafts Industry

Read more: Innovation for a Sustainable Arts and Crafts Industry | Folkemødet (folkemoedet.dk)

Panel participant will debate about the meaning of traditional arts and crafts and how we can innovate to promote sustainability in the industry.


  • Marta Gasparin from Copenhagen Business School
  • Rasmus Grusgaard from The Danish Plastics Federation
  • Morten Riis chairperson of the Maker’s Island Steering Committee on Bornholm

Moderated by David Christensen from BOFA – the waste and resource management center at Bornholm.

All HEPHAESTUS activities at Folkemødet take place at Bornholmerhuset, Kirkeplads 2, Allinge.

The event will be held in Danish language.