Event | HEPHAESTUS team at the 39th EGOS Colloquium

HEPHAESTUS team at the 39th EGOS Colloquium

The general theme of the 39th EGOS Colloquium, is to collectively understand how we can build a better world and a better life, by weaving together our historical roots with the boundless possibilities of our collective imagination.

The event took place in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy from 6 to 8 July, 2023. The Horizon Europe project HEPHAESTUS team was also present at this event. During this event, the HEPHAESTUS team discussed critical fabulations in relation to craft, art-based practices in research and practices of mending in craft.

Marta Gasparin and Daniel Hjorth from Copenhagen Business School and Mollie Painter-Morland from Nottingham Trent University presented their paper “Craft-based emancipatory entrepreneuring in the case of gender-based violence” that was discussed during the session VIII.

On behalf of the HEPHAESTUS project team we want to thank organisers – Jo-Ellen Pozner from Santa Clara University, USA, Davide Ravasi from UCL School of Management, United Kingdom and Judith Nyfeler from University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and all the participants of the event for a very fruitful and interesting event.