Protection of Textiles and Crafts in the EU through Geographical Indications—An Evaluation of the New Legislative Proposal

Prof. Vishv Priya Kohli

We are pleased to share that Associate Professor Vishv Priya Kohli, from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), has recently published her insightful article titled “Protection of Textiles and Crafts in the EU through Geographical Indications—An Evaluation of the New Legislative Proposal” in the reputable journal, ‘European Intellectual Property Review’ (EIPR) [E.I.P.R. 2023, 45(7), 407-410].


Prof. Vishv Priya Kohli

In her article, Prof. Kohli delves into the crucial topic of geographical indications and their role in safeguarding the unique identity and heritage of textiles and crafts within the European Union. Through a meticulous evaluation of the proposed legislative changes, she sheds light on the potential implications and benefits for artisans and stakeholders in the handicrafts and textiles sector.

The legislative proposal discussed in the article, if accepted will be applicable from January 2024, which makes it particularly relevant for the ongoing Hephaestus project at CBS. The Hephaestus project’s primary objectives are to conduct comprehensive research, preservation, and innovation in craft sectors, paving the way for a cutting-edge, creative, and sustainable technology-driven economy rooted in cultural heritage.

Given the significant impact the legislative proposal can have on artisans and communities involved in handicrafts and textiles, sharing Prof. Kohli’s article becomes vital in raising awareness. By disseminating this valuable piece of research, the Hephaestus project aims to inform and prepare stakeholders to better navigate the forthcoming changes.

We congratulate Prof. Vishv Priya Kohli on her remarkable contribution to the field of intellectual property and its implications for craft sectors in the EU. Her work will undoubtedly serve as a guiding beacon for policymakers, academics, and artisans alike, fostering a better understanding of the value of geographical indications in preserving the rich cultural heritage of European textiles and crafts.

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