Reflecting: Exhibition SEMBLANCE

Reflecting: Exhibition SEMBLANCESEMBLANCE

In a convergence of craftsmanship and artistry, the SEMBLANCE exhibition cast a spotlight on the intricate world of craft, transcending borders and cultures to create an international network of artisans and enthusiasts.

Craft ambassadors from four Horizon Europe project HEPHAESTUS craft ecosystems—Dals Långed and Fengersfors in Sweden, Bornholm in Denmark, and Venice and Bassano del Grappa in Italy—came together to showcase their work, each piece a testament to the rich tapestry of culture, environment, and tradition woven into tangible artifacts. Representing a kaleidoscope of individual histories and narratives, the exhibited pieces provided a momentary glimpse into the diverse landscape of craft across Europe.

At the heart of the exhibition lay the craft maker, a storyteller in their own right, whose hands meticulously crafted not only objects of beauty but also tales of heritage and innovation. From inherited competencies to learned techniques, each artisan brought a unique perspective to the table, challenging notions of craft’s relevance, sustainability, and technological integration.

Among the highlights of the exhibition were the personal stories shared by each craft ambassador, alongside their meticulously curated working tools and finished masterpieces. From the rugged landscapes of Sweden to the historic streets of Italy, each narrative offered a window into the soul of the craftsperson, their passion and dedication evident in every stroke and detail.

Jokum Lind Jensen

“The HEPHAESTUS project offers boundless opportunities to expand my network and gain fresh insights into the craft scene, enriching my practice with invaluable perspectives, essential for both personal growth and the craft community at large.”

Jokum Lind Jensen
Blacksmith/ metal artist
Dals Langed and Fengersfors, Sweden


“This wonderful event was a borderless melting pot of artistic and academic minds that metamorphose into a potent, savoury and bewitching brew.”

Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen

One-of-a-kind Ceramic works of art with Macro Crystal Glazes
Nexø, Bornholm, Denmark


Curated by craft makers and artists—Rob Curran, Alice Kettle, and Jokum Lind Jensen—the exhibition delved deep into the essence of craft, inviting visitors to explore the hidden layers beneath the surface appeal of the works on display. Through a curated selection of tools, objects, and stories, the expo provided an immersive experience, sparking conversations and igniting imaginations.

As visitors navigated through the exhibition space, they were not just spectators but active participants in a dialogue that transcended language and culture. It was a celebration of craftsmanship in its purest form—a testament to the enduring power of human creativity and ingenuity.

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