Exhibition: Semblance (02.05 – 13.05.2024), at Röhsska Museum of Design, Gothenburg, Sweden

Exhibition Semblance

This exhibition establishes an international network among craftspeople and art professionals. Selected as craft ambassadors from four European craft ecosystems, exhibitors represent areas in Sweden, Denmark, and Italy under the Horizon Europe project HEPHAESTUS. “Semblance” showcases topical and broadly representative craftwork from these regions, weaving stories of culture, environment, and tradition into tangible artifacts. Each ecosystem brings unique maker histories, adding depth to the exhibition’s title. Craft makers blend inherited or learned competencies to create new interpretations, while exploring questions of craft’s relevance, sustainability, and the role of technology. The exhibition serves as a platform for international craft makers to share stories, learn, and develop new methods, aiming to redefine craft within a contemporary context.

The exhibition is curated by Rob Curran, Alice Kettle and Jokum Lind Jensen – craft makers and artists within the craft ecosystem in Dals Långed and Fengersfors, Sweden and HEPHAESTUS project craft ambassadors.

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Rob Curran

Robert Curran (Rob Curran)

Rob works primarily in wood with a focus on organic forms. His work showcases old woodworking techniques to challenge the viewer as to what a material can do.

Alice Kettle

Alice Kettle

Alice weaves spaces and sculptures from willow that invite interaction, fascination and healing, as a way of helping us to re-orientat our thinking to one of co-existence and collaboration.

Jokum Lind Jensen

Jokum Lind Jensen

Jokum manipulates steel when it is hot. He works with historical techniques both in contemporary, traditional and restoration contexts.

Exhibited work and tools by our craft ambassadors from four HEPHAESTUS craft ecosystems:

Vanessa Milan, Roberto Beltrami, Michela Bortolozzi, Valentina Stocco, Shanti Ganesha, Alberto Scodro, Elena Rausse, Bianca Bonaldi, Emanuele Bucco, Pol Polloniato, Nynne Rosenkrantz Christiansen, Heidi Hentze, Sara Jeffries, Christina Schou Christensen, Lukas Arons, Linnea DalstrandLova Oberg.

The exhibition is curated by Alice Kettle, Rob Curran and Jokum Lind Jensen with support from Samantha Hookway (lecturer at HDK-Valand) and Elena Raviola (Torsten and Wanja Söderbergs Professor of Design Management, HDK-Valand, and director of the Business and Design Lab).


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